Do you have dis-ease?

Dr. Nelie Johnson
By Dr. Nelie Johnson
From Stress and Disease to Healing – there is a way
Are you asking yourself why you are sick – with illness, disease or ‘dis-ease’ ?
Do you want to know how you can get better – or even prevent disease? 
Then you need to look at disease and illness differently.  If you continue to see disease as a physical affliction, as something gone wrong physically, then you will be limiting your choices and limiting your chances to get well. 

We are more than our physical body.  We are thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories, and conditioning from our upbringing, family traditions and culture.  Plus we have a spiritual nature as well.  If we regard an illness or disease as a physical problem, we are disregarding the wholeness of who we are.  So when something shows up as illness, disease, or even ‘dis-ease’ or upset, we have to look at the totality of ourselves – thoughts, emotions, beliefs – and at the emotional context of our lives and our life experience. 

The reality of our life is not what is happening to us physically but rather what is happening to us emotionally of which we are not fully aware.  It is the story that we are unconsciously telling ourselves that is running in the background and determining our reactions and what shows up in our conscious life experience –  emotionally, mentally and physically.  

Let me use the iceberg as an analogy.   The tip of the iceberg represents what is visible and what you are conscious of – the physical body and your conscious mind.  However, the 90% of the iceberg that is submerged and not visible represents your unconscious mind – thoughts, emotions, and beliefs of which you are not aware.  It is the bulk of the iceberg under the water that determines the direction it will go in the current, not the tip.  In other words, what you are not conscious of, controls you.  What you become aware of, can change you.  Awareness is the key to healing.  

What is disease and how can we heal?  From the experience and research of doctors, psychologists and others over the last 30 years or more, it has become clear that disease represents a biological response of the brain to contain stress energy  and that there is a stress energy profile in the background of all illness and disease, and even ‘dis-ease’ or behaviour.  

Every disease is the outcome or mirror of a specific core emotional stress or conflict.  In other words, disease has a meaning.  Its purpose is to manage stress energy.  

Colds, infections – bladder infections, genital herpes for example – migraine headaches are the result of cycles of a specific emotional stress and the release of that stress.  Cancer is the result of either a period of prolonged, severe stress or sudden, unexpected severe stress.  The severity of the disease is determined by the intensity or severity of the stress.

How can you heal?  We heal disease when we clear the cause by identifying and releasing the associated pattern of stress.  When you clear the stress energy, you pull the plug on the disease and it has no reason for being.  The body can heal itself when there is no emotional block in the way, including your own fears.

However, until you clear the stress pattern, the disease continues and you need the support of medical treatment and other therapies. 

Be sure to work closely with your doctors and continue medical treatments for as long as they are needed. 

Doing the emotional healing, you will naturally find that your medical treatments will be more effective and the need for them will be reduced. 

The question to ask yourself is not only ‘what can this therapy or treatment do for me?’  but ‘what can I do for myself?’ and ‘what do I need to know about myself and how I lived my life and how I am reacting unconsciously?’ 

Continue working with your doctors AND contribute all you can by doing the emotional work.

We are each one of us our own healer.  However, most of us need outside help to effectively navigate our personal journey for we are blind to what is unconscious in us.  I have a process to guide you that I can adapt to whatever you individually need.

The basic stages for the process of healing are as follows –

1)     Know that disease or illness is not your fault, nor the fault of others, but rather the automatic survival response of your brain.  

        Realize that you can uncover the unconscious pattern and take responsibility to do so.  When you do, you give yourself the power to change your life.

2)     Identify the stress pattern that is the root cause of the disease, illness or ‘dis-ease’ or behaviour (the process works for all of it and can be a preventative strategyas well)

3)     Release and let go the stress pattern – by doing so you dissolve the stress energy that is the block to the body healing itself.  There are several ways to bring about release.  It arises when there is a shift in perspective, in the way you view a situation.  The event or situation has not changed but how you perceive and react to it has changed. 

I use my expertise to help you to uncover the unconscious patterns that are keeping you blocked.  I help you access key aspects of your emotional story so that with awareness you are in a position to shift your perspective and the inner story you are telling yourself and open up possibilities of transformation and healing.  You get to tap into your own expert knowledge of yourself.  

When you go after the root cause of disease or ‘dis-ease’ you open up possibilities of deep healing.   The rewards you might experience are –

-  unburdening yourself of emotional distress, limiting beliefs or a physical condition that has weighed you down

-  finding freshness, energy and aliveness in your life

-  creating your life in the moment rather than reacting an unconscious program and replaying the past

-  experiencing greater ease, calmness, and sense of well-being. 

 Take home message -  True life experience does manifest as disease, illness or dis-ease.  When you bring awareness to the emotional root cause - to the stress pattern and the associated thoughts and beliefs - you empower yourself to let go, release, shift the energy and heal. 

Regardless of whether you have recurrent migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, weight issues, arthritis, a cancer, or an unwanted pattern in your life, it is possible to heal. 

With any diagnosis, you do not have to expect the worst.  There are solutions and you are the power in your life to make yourself healthier and happier.  

Dr. Nelie Johnson has over 30 years experience as a family physician, plus more than  12 years of training and developing a health and healing consulting practice.                She shares her knowledge and experience in seminars, workshops and private consultations.  The next introductory seminars –

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