I love eating out! If I could have been a food critic I would have found my calling! Although I rarely find food I don't like, or drinks for that matter. It has got to be a pretty corked red or a fresh white for me not to throw it back.
My favorite way to dine is with friends, trying new dishes prepared while you sit and relax and enjoy a lovely glass of wine (preferably not corked or still bubbly).
My husband and I and the kids went to the Keg for Fathers day this month and I have to say I was surprised at the cost. The food was fantastic and the service was great (something you come to expect from The Keg) but you do pay for it! 
 I would love to find a steak house restaurant that kids are welcome in and has a great menu at a more reasonable price. Oh and cheap wine. :) Too bad you cant byob to eat out. hmmmmm
4/26/2011 01:46:05 pm

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