We're less than a month away from our next issue coming out. I'm really excited about the recipes in this issue - I love to cook, and love to eat even more! We have some wild ingredients this time - literally! There are wild game recipes of course, but also other wild ingredients such as cranberries and maple syrup. Many of you probably don't think of cranberries as being 'wild', but where I grew up (southern Ontario), we picked our own cranberries in the wild, along with raspberries and strawberries, and made our own maple syrup. Other recipes have wild mushrooms and wild rice.

We'd love to hear about the wildest thing you have eaten. What is the most bizarre, how was it prepared, how many martinis did it take to work up your nerve, and was it worth it?

I've eaten most wild game available in Canada. Some of it was great - caribou is my favourite, so tender and very mild flavour - others, such as musk ox, I'm not crazy about. The flavour is very strong and gamey. Maybe I just didn't find the right technique. Proper preparation is the key to creating an enjoyable meal. So, if you have some tips on preparation or great 'wild' recipes, let us know!

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